How to get rid of excess mucus tricks

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How to get rid of excess mucus advices? Reduce the consumption of starchy foods: Although this connection is not well known, refined foods rich in starch can lead to the accumulation of mucus in the body, causing excessive moisture. It is advisable to reduce the consumption of these products and replace them with whole grains, such as oats, rice, spelled wheat, rye or buckwheat. You may not notice this connection if you drink milk every day. But if you stop consuming this product for a while, and then add it back to your diet, you will notice that the mucus reappears almost immediately.

Normally the body produces about a litre of mucus a day and this slides down the throat without us even noticing. But when we have a reaction to an irritant, the production of mucus increases, and it becomes thicker. Excess mucus causes a runny nose, for instance. If you suffer from a chronic cough that won’t go away, wake up with puffy or crusty eyes in the morning, a constant stuffy nose or bad breath throughout the day, you may be suffering from excess mucus production. Excessive mucus indicates that the body is in a state of agitation – reacting negatively to pollutants, allergies, food. All the systems start “misbehaving”: lymphatic, gastrointestinal and respiratory.

The detox functions and its ability to manage the flow of toxins dumped into the blood circulation is determined by the purity and ability of the detoxification organs. The consumption of raw fruits and vegetables are essential for your health and favor increasing the cleansing ability of your body. The vitality of an organism is recovered in direct proportion to the release of obstruction caused by toxins, therefore only by eliminating toxicity is health restored. What reduces vitality to the organism is not the lack of nutrients, it is the excess and toxins that must be removed.

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While the symptoms of nose and throat congestion can be painful and frustrating, there are lots of ways to get symptom relief, including:Up your lemon, ginger, garlic, and spice intake: These ingredients have been linked to respiratory health. While more research is needed, ingestion is not harmful, and is very helpful to some, so it is worth a try. Try drinking lemon ginger tea and adding extra garlic to your food. Spicy foods containing capsaicin like chili peppers can also break up mucus. Just be carful not to exceed your spice limit, as this can be very uncomfortable.