Dental clinic in London and high quality implant dentures

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Private dentist in London and top quality Invisalign braces: If you have extrinsic discoloration/staining, start by trying a stain-removing toothpaste for a couple of weeks. Going for a stain-removing electric toothbrush can make a big difference here, too. Staining can also be removed during a professional teeth cleaning. If you have intrinsic yellowing, no amount of stain-removing toothpaste can lighten the inner color of the tooth. You’ll need to whiten your teeth using a bleaching gel that is held up against the teeth (but don’t run out to buy whitening strips quite yet!).

The makers of the Enlighten system say it’s “the only teeth whitening system in the world that can whiten up to 16 shades easily”. With Enlighten, you brush your teeth with a special “Tooth Serum” toothpaste, wear gel in your trays each night for two weeks, and then have a further 40-minute treatment here at Bishopsgate Dental Care. White Dental Beauty is well know dental whitening brand. It is a high quality product that we use at Bishopsgate Dental Care for day wear. We will make a well fitted whitening tray and will provide you with four syringes of 6% Hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel. See extra info on Teeth whitening City of London.

I am so proud of my Dream Team at Bishopsgate Dental Care, we are closing a fantastic 2018 by winning another award, this time the Award for “Best Patient Care” and two High Commendations for “Best Team” and “Best Practice London”. I am so incredibly proud for the daily work that my team do, we have the objective to provide the best care to our patients and we all try everyday to go the extra mile for them; so being recognised for it by the Dental Industry makes us feel that we are doing it right! Love you ladies!

Alexandra has considerable dental veneers experience and is especially skilled at helping nervous patients. She offers an advanced array of treatments including veneers, tooth whitening, orthodontics, crowns and full smile makeovers, helping patients to achieve happiness and confidence with a beautiful smile. Her kind and caring nature and meticulous attention to detail has seen her develop an ever growing following of loyal clients who come to see her from all over the UK and overseas including models, celebrities and dignitaries. Alexandra is a hugely passionate clinician and invests a lot of time really bonding with her patents, educating and guiding them to look and feel their very best. Find even more information at Porcelain dental veneers in London.

Teeth whitening advices. Do you need to have healthy teeth and gums? Here are some tips: Banana Peel: After you eat the banana, take the inside of the peel and rub it on your teeth and then rinse. Although there have been counter arguments whether it works or not, the best way is to find out yourself. It will not cost you a dime anyway. As we age, the outer layer of tooth enamel wears away. The underlying layer, called dentin, is yellower. That’s why it’s important to try to avoid staining teeth in the first place, especially after whitening. If you take care with foods and drinks that discolor teeth, the results of whitening may last up to one year. Whitening teeth too often could make them look translucent and blue, so you’ll want to maintain your new smile.